Clinical chemistry & immunochemistry


Modular Analyser Systems


cobas® 8000 modular analyser

  •  up to 1200 tests per hour for maximum throughput
  • up to 192 reagent channels for maximum consolidation
  • Reloading during the routine
  • Cooled reagent rotor for even longer on-board stability – up to 120 days


cobas® 6000 analyser series

cobas® 6000 analyzer series offers tailor-made solutions for medium-sized laboratories thanks to the flexible combination of modules for clinical chemistry (cobas c 501 module) and immunology (cobas e 601 module)
• Serum workstation solution for 100,000 to 1.2 million tests / year or 250 to 2000 samples per day
• Tailor-made solutions for the requirements of different laboratory types
• Consists of the two main modules cobas c 501 (clinical chemistry) and cobas e 601 (heterogeneous immunology)
• The modules offer various configuration options, depending on the requirements of the laboratory
• Six years after its launch, more than 9,000 systems are active worldwide


cobas® 4000 analyser series

  •  The ideal solution for laboratories with a throughput of 25,000 to 250,000 tests per year or 30 to 250 samples per day
  • Used in hospital laboratories, satellite laboratories, laboratory networks and private laboratories, and can be used as a dedicated analyzer for specific parameters or panels
  •  Comprehensive serum workstation solution that covers 98% or more of the routine requirements




cobas® u 411

Use this semi-automated urinalysis system as central unit to manage the work area of a medium-sized urine laboratory.

  • Throughput: 600 test strips/hour
  • Workloads: 30 – 100 samples per day
  • Continuous loading of test strips without requiring a measurement cycle – optional barcode reader simplifies manual work steps
  • Entry of tracking information including user identification and lot numbers for test strips, calibration strips and control material


Combur-Test® Strips

  • To protect the interferances due to gluing, there is no usage of glue.
  • The system can evaluate even the low concentrations (5-10 Ery/µL
  • By the help of absorbent membran there is no color shift between the pads
  • Due to elimination of vitamin C interference and ascorbic acid resistance results are in safety
  • You can get the results within 60 seconds.
  • The nylone covarage protects Combur-Test® strips from enviromental effects
  • Gives the results for Specific Gravity, pH, LEU, NIT, PRO, GLU, KET, UBG, BIL, BL




  • Haemathology
  • Urinalysis
  • Digital Imaging



  • Laboratory consumables
  • Medical equipments



  • Blood gas analyzers
  • Gas and chemicals



External quality programs (EQA)

  • Preanalytic
  •  Analytic
    Clinical chemistry
    Microbiology and Immunology
  • Postanalytic