sarstedt Sarstedt, one of the world’s leading providers of laboratory and medical equipment, develops, manufactures and sells equipment and consumables in the field of medicine and science.
Founded in 1961, the company has continued to grow to the point where it now employs a workforce of 2,500. The Sarstedt Group comprises 30 sales organisations and 13 production sites in Europe, North America and Australia. The company’s headquarters are in North Rhine-Westphalia ,Nümbrecht , Germany
Broad Portfolio for diagnostics, laboratories, clinics, transfusion and laboratory automation
Sarstedt products are used in a wide variety of laboratories (e.g. university research, clinical chemistry, biotechnology and food processing), clinics and transfusion centres.
Sarstedt products lay the foundations for a precise diagnosis of both human and animal diseases. Materials also contribute to the research and development of new medications and processes for improved health care.
As a global provider, Sarstedt offers an exceptionally broad product portfolio, which can be divided into five basic categories

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     We are pleased to offer the ENERGIUM Blood Collection Assistance System, a new generation alternative to tube barcode devices, to our hospital laboratories. ENERGIUM systems have traditionally carried barcodes as well as barcoded tubes up to the blood collection table, where the option can be carried by hand to the tube sorting device if desired. In addition to this pioneering innovation in blood transfusion, please contact us regarding our ENERGIUM systems, which can provide statistical information on how long the blood draw process lasts, how many blood samples are collected per day, and so on.




OPTI Medical Systems is focused on manufacturing and marketing portable analyzers for the measurement of time-sensitive diagnostic tests, such as blood gas content and blood chemistry analysis. These portable analyzers are used in various locations within hospitals, emergency centers, ambulances, helicopters, airplanes, pulmonary centers and in any location where time-critical diagnostic testing is needed.


indirLabquality is an international provider of professional external quality assessment (EQA) services and quality controls (QC) for internal quality assessment (IQA). More than 4,500 clinical laboratories around the world have chosen Labquality as their partner.

Labquality´s External Quality Assessment Programmes

Labquality has 152 EQA programmes for all fields of laboratory medicine expertises and POC.
EQA programs

EQA schemes and main portfolios

External quality assessment schemes are groupped by the area of laboratory medicine expertise with clinical chemistry, haematology, immunology, microbiology, pathology and preanalytics as the main categories.

You can download the 2016 Catalog from the link below.

Labquality 2016 Catalog

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EQA schemes for allergology, basic chemistry, cardiac markers, diabetes analysis, endocrinology, special chemistry, specific proteins, tumor markers and urine analysis.
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EQA schemes for blood transfusion serology, cell count and morphology as well as coagulation tests.
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EQA schemes for bacterial serology, bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, virology and immunology.
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EQA schemes for clincial cytology, histopathology and immunohistochemistry.
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Unique EQA schemes targeting the preanalytical phase were launched in 2014. To start with, four schemes designed to meet the needs of clinical chemistry, microbiology, blood gas analysis, phlebotomy and POCT units were released.
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If you need more information about our products please do not hesitate to connect with us.




If you need more information about our products please do not hesitate to connect with us.






If you need more information about our products please do not hesitate to connect with us.




If you need more information about our products please do not hesitate to connect with us.




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