SYSMEX ONCOLOGY Sysmex is passionate about excellence in product development and manufacturing and its contribution to a healthy and prosperous society through its activities. Building on its success in diagnostics, Sysmex is working to create advanced testing technologies in the life science field.

In 2000, Sysmex established the Central Research Laboratories as a base for R&D in the life science field. The Laboratories pursue research into new diagnostic technologies grounded in sophisticated life science techniques, information technology, nanotechnology, and bioinformatics, with a primary focus on cancer diagnostics.

Sysmex will continue to build on the foundation of more than 40 years of success in diagnostics creating truly valuable medical tests and technologies that improve disease management.
Sysmex Life Science — Adding quality to life!

Product Portfolio


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logo4Especially, primarily used in brain and neuroscience researches, CMA products which are used for invivo researches and clinical applications in Lifesciences, since the beginning of 1980s, has joined Harvard Apparatus family in 2012.

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2014081312575501-OxyletWith more than 30 years of experience, PANLAB provides professional solutions for Neurophysiology and Behaviour researchers.

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Coulbourn-Instruments-logoCoulbourn Instruments which are used in pharmaceutical industry, in Independent Research Laboratories, in Research Laboratories of Universities, about the neurophysiology and psychology researches; has been in use since 2010, Harvard Apparatus products include Coulbourn products.

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logo_hugosachsHugo Sachs Electronic company was founded in 1960. Company has expeirmental products such as Pulse Generator, Isolated Organ Bath. In 1999, the family attended Harvard Apparatus.

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Logo_WarnerInstrumentsWith special tools used in Electrophysiology and Cell Biology researches, Warner Instruments has an important place in the Harvard Apparatus product group.

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Now a division of Harvard Bioscience, Triangle BioSystems International is the global leader in wireless neural recording and stimulation. For over 10 years, we have worked with research scientists to develop an expanding portfolio of products that include wireless, multiplexed, and tethered recording solutions, along with wireless optogenetic and electrical stimulation systems.

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StoeltingUSLogo STOELTING Company specializing in the neurosciences about products and stereotactic frames, with 120 years of knowledge; within our product range.

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