Roche Urine

Urine Work Area


Designed for higher efficiency and superior quality, the Roche Urine Work Area solution offers portable point-of-care for semi-automated to fully-automated urinalysis systems.


Like our Serum Work Area solution, the system optimizes resources while providing high quality results and valued clinical information to the physician and patient.










Cobas® 6500 urine analyzer series



Cobas 6500 urineanalyzerseriesprovides a fullyautomatedsolution on a modular platform forlaboratoriesprocessing 100 – 1000 urinesamplesperday. Thecobas u 601 analyzerperformsfullyautomatedurinestriptestingandcobas u 701 analyzerperformsfullyautomatedsedimentmicroscopywiththebenefit of realimages.

Bothstand-aloneanalyzers, thecobas u 601 andthecobas u 701 analyzers can be upgraded on-site ontoone platform withautomatedsampletransportationthroughtheentiresystem, withcontinuousloading of urinesamples.

Thecobas 6500 urineanalyzerseriessignificantlyimprovesproductivityandefficiency of urinetestingbyreducingmanualinterventionto a minimum andoptimizesworkflow.

Improvingproductivityandefficiency of urinetesting

  • Automatingthegold standard
  • Preciseandreliablestripresults
  • ConsolidateUrineWorkArea
  • Optimize workflow

Product Characteristic

cobas u 601 urine analyzer


New generation of fully automated urine strip system


Precise and secure strip results

  • 12 on-board parameters
  • cobas u pack : Convenient test strip cassette with 400 test strips
  • Two weeks on board stability ( humidity protected RFID technology)
  • Combur quality test strips
  • Patent test strip structure with ascorbic acid resistance
  • Comparable resultsacrossallRocheplatformsmeasuring
  • Comburquality test strips


cobas u 701 microscopy analyzer


Automating the gold standard

  • Cobas u 701 microscopy analyzer standardizes and automates all manual steps
  • Fully automated microscopy system for quantitative particle counting and semi quantitative or qualitative classification of particles
  • Reagent-free system
  • Only uses disposable cuvettes
  • 400 cuvettes in one package (cobas u cuvette)





Parameter overview


Cobas u 601: pH, Leukocytes, Nitrite, Protein, Glucose, Ketones, Urobilinogen, Bilirubin, Erythrocytes, Specific Gravity, Color,Clarity



Cobas u 701: Erythrocytes, Leukocytes, Bacteria, Non-squamous epithelial cells, Epithelial cells, Hyaline cells, Pathological casts, Crystals, Yeasts, Mucus, Sperms


Cobas® u 411 



The cobas u 411 analyzer is the proper work area solution to manage your daily urinalysis workload in an intuitive and efficient way.  The progressive semi-automated cobas u 411 urine chemistry analyzer is designed for optimized work- and data flow, supported by an optional barcode reader and sediment terminal thus optimizing your resources and workload.


cobas u 411 offers:


  1. Consolidation
  2. Combining the cobas u411 analyzer and its sediment terminal allows your laboratory to improve operational efficiency
  3. Flexibility
  4. Allows for continuous test strip loading
  5. Ease of use
  6. Reduces manual work with sample identification via barcode reader or host download, electronic transfer of sediment work list and printable QC results
  7. Standardization
  8. Unique Combur-Test strips used on all Roche Urinalysis Portfolio allowing for standardization of results



Urisys® 1100 


A giant leap forward in intelligent urine testing:



  1. Compact and extremely easy to use analyzer for one-at-a-time test strip evaluation
  2. Immediate automated documentation of results as a printout or online
  3. Ideal choice for smaller-scale laboratories and doctors’ offices
  4. Measurement of Chemstrip high-quality system strips



Roche Diagnostics’ Urisys®1100 analyzer offers a user-friendly, convenient and time-saving way to perform fast, standardized urine test strip evaluations in your office. Results are printed at the integrated thermal printer, stored in the internal memory or easily transmitted to your computer systems. The optional bar code reader allows fast and easy patient identification — and all this in an unequalled design!