Sarstedt offers one of the most extensive product portfolios for pre-analytical processes. This includes products for optimal and safe sampling and for the transport and storage of diagnostic samples.  Various sampling systems for the most varied of sample materials (blood, saliva, urine, faeces) are available.

Customers and users of these products include eg. clinics, GPs, medical laboratories and blood banks.






Sarstedt offers tailor-made product solutions for the most varied applications – in molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology etc. A  quality product, adapted to the use, enables the highest possible levels of reproducibility in analytics.

Clean room conditions and automated production processes are the bases for the certified Sarstedt quality standards “PCR Performance Tested” and “Biosphere® plus”.

In this way, we can reliably prevent even the lowest levels of contamination. In order to offer you the necessary reliability in your daily work at any time, the certifications continually adapted to the latest status of research.






The fields of regional anaesthesia and urine drainage systems are the focus of the Sarstedt clinical care product portfolio.

Our many years of experience in the development and the quality of the production of billions of blood collection needles have been applied to the manufacture of regional anaesthesia needles.

For patient-centred care of incontinent and catheterised patients, we provide urine drainage systems and accessories which ensure safe and hygienic patient care.





The latest technology for the gaining, processing and use of blood donations – Sarstedt pursues a systematic transfusion technology.

We offer an extensive range of products to support you in a user-friendly, efficient and safe manner in the various areas of transfusion medicine.

The best example is the TOPSWING blood mixing & weighing device. With its innovative, three-dimensional mixing movement, the TOPSWING ensures the mixing of anticoagulant and blood.


Laboratory Automation



In the mid-1990s, Sarstedt started developing laboratory automation systems in order to expand our expertise as a system solution provider and to support our customers and partners with the development of optimal and efficient processes in the laboratory.
The focus remains to develop safer, more precise and more economical processes.
We offer modular automation solutions for the intelligent sorting, distribution, aliquoting etc. for pre-analytical and post-analytical processes in clinical and microbiological areas.